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Historical background of ARTEM SJSHC

1892 Lukyanovsky plant, owned by a private businessman and stockholder Kollb-Seletsky was founded in Kiev.
1896 The plant was leased to an engineer Olshansky, who founded a stock company «Dniprovsky machine building plant».
1898 A trust company headed by an engineer Venglinsky was founded on the plant's base.
1901 – 1917 A company headed by a businessman Mloshevsky owned the plant. When the war was unleashed, the plant began to carry out military orders.
1919 Revival and nationalization of the plant.
1922 Kiev machine building plant (KMBP) was named after the leader of the working movement F.A.Sergeev (secret nickname Artem).
1934 The KMBP named after Artem obtained the all-republic significance.
1938 The KMBP named after Artem obtained the all-Union significance.
1940 The state all-union plant Artem was subordinated to the People's Commissariat of the aircraft industry of the USSR.
1941 Artem plant was evacuated to Kuybyshev city, where it started to manufacture front-ordered products.
1943 Revival of the plant and the beginning of the aeronautic engineering production on the main industrial area in Kiev.
1947 The plant comes up to full capacity of a pre-war time.
1950 The beginning of the fundamental reconstruction of the plant, increase of production capacity and formation of the social sphere.
1958 Launch of guided air-to-air missiles production.
1965 The foundation of the branch in Vishnyovoye city.
1969 The foundation of the branch in Krasilov city of Khmelnitsky Oblast (province in Western Ukraine)
1972 The order of the «Labour Red Banner» was conferred on Artem plant body and a large group of workers and engineers were granted governmental awards for successful mastering of advanced engineering.
1975 The foundation of Kiev Production Association named after Artem.
1977 The construction of Artem Production Association branches in Shchors town of Chernhiv Oblast and Malin town of Zhitomir Oblast (provinces in Northern Ukraine)
1983 Launch of production of R-27 air-to-air guided missiles.
1992 The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Artem plant.
1995 Artem plant is presented with the «Birmingham Torch Award» of the International Academy for Leadership in Business and Administration (Birmingham, Alabama, USA) for success in economic survival and development in the face of adverse conditions.
1996 ARTEM State Joint Stock Holding Company foundation based on Kyiv Production Association named after Artem.
2002 Diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is conferred on Artem Company.
2004 Launch of production of antitank guided missiles and lifts and hoist platforms for disabled people.
2006 The quality management system of ARTEM Company is certified in compliance with the International Standards ISO-9001:2000, aerospace and military standards EN/AS-9100, AQAP-2110.
2009 Productionof modern medical equipment-the product"Steam Sterilizer GK-100".
2012 120 years since thefounding of the company.
2014 Production of combined flare dispencer "Adros" KUV 26-50 is launched.
2015 ARTEM Company today is one of the leading enterprises of the engineering industry of Ukraine, well known in homeland and abroad.
In pursuance of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Condemnation of Communist and National Socialist (Nazi) Totalitarian Regimes in Ukraine" DAHK "Artem" a set of measures is being taken to rebrand the name of DAHK "Artem" (the full name of the company is defined as State Joint Stock Holding -technical engineering ", abbreviated name of ARTEM, which will result in a change of the brand and its components, namely: visual design with changes in the positioning of the enterprise in accordance with its profile. The implementation of such actions provides an opportunity to further distinguish and unambiguously identify the Company from other companies without misleading the counterparties about its true activities and will contribute to the successful conduct of marketing activities by the Company.
The company is planning to move two monuments to famous Soviet figures.