Built-in led luminaire

Built-in LED luminaires are designed to replace ceiling fluorescent luminaires.svit vbudov They are intended for use in “Armstrong” false ceilings with the module of 600 x 600 mm.

The luminaires have a chrome-plated steel casing with a reflector.


Luminaire features


Modern LED luminaires are designed for offices, business centers and other commercial real estate lighting. The luminaires have absorbed the latest achievements and technologies of lighting fixtures. LED luminaires are characterized by significant energy saving and environmental safety. The luminaires are made of aesthetic and environmentally-friendly materials.

High-quality materials, minimum energy consumption and healthcare are the keys to the success of brand-new LED office lighting.

Energy saving, provided by LED luminaires, allows you to recoup the costs within a short time. The product provides uniform illumination of the work area, without flickering, noise and vibration. Ecology and safety of office LED lighting is a guarantee of fruitful work and health maintenance.





Luminous flux, lm  4 500 
Color temperature, K  4 000...4 500 
Illumination angle, °С  170 
Power consumption, W  40 
Service life, h  50 000 
Dimensions, mm  595 х 595 х 85 
Operating temperature range, °С  from -40 to +50