Wheel lock mod. 771



Locking of car and jeep wheels, as well as recording the number of locking operations performed.


Supply set:


  1. Locking mechanism -1
  2. Crank key - 1
  3. Key lock – 3

Operating principle:


Locking mechanism consists of three clamps. The upper movable clamp is located on the toothed rack. All clamps are to be installed on the wheel rim and then tightened by using crank key. Locking of toothed rack is carried out by turning the key lock. The wheel is unlocked by turning the key backwards. Counter is triggered with each locking; the viewing window is located on the rear side of the wheel lock.




Maximum rubber diameter of locked wheels, mm

- locking mechanism with rack L= 400 mm

- locking mechanism with rack L= 500 mm




Weight, kg, not more than 16
Lock counter, number of digits 6
Possibility of unpermitted access to the lock counter not available
Dimensions, mах, HхDхW, mm 788х300х954