Inclined platform lift for overcoming flights of stairs

Platform lift allows people with disabilities, both in a wheelchair and without it, to overcome flights of stairs. PPS 3

Platform lift is one of the key components in creating a barrier-free living environment.

It is is installed in the administrative, residential, industrial and cultural buildings and structures, such as stadiums, subways, underpasses, parks and etc., to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities.

Inclined platform lift is installed on 2 guides, attached to the walls of building on the one side of stair flights.

In the idle state, the platform is positioned vertically, occupying the minimum dimensions. When in operation, it is placed horizontally in order to provide free access for a person in a wheelchair.

Electromechanical lift drive is located on the top of guides end.

Vertical panel of the lift contains safety edges and control panel. Lift ППС-3 has entry-exit guide ways. Stations are equipped with call-buttons and control systems.

Inclined platform lift is suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.




Load-carrying capacity, kg  250 ± 5
Angle of elevation, deg. max. 30
Path length, m max. 16
Q-ty of stations  2
Travel speed, m/s max. 0,15
Power consumption, kW  2
Power supply, V/Hz  220/50
Trajectory inclined
Operating temperature range, deg  -15...+35
Lift dimensions, LхВхН, mm:

- in operating position

- in folded position




Platform dimensions, LхВ, mm:  1200х900
Platform weight, kg max. 200