Vertical platform lift PLV-1

Vertical platform lift is designed to provide unhindered access from street into building and vertical movementPPV 1 in wheelchairs from one floor to another for people with disabilities.

It is installed on a level hard surface.

Technical compartment is located on the side platform lift and equipped with electromechanical drive and guides for cross frame travel.

Load-carrying platform with vertical safety fencing is attached to the cross frame. Control panel is installed on the platform.

Entry doors are located at the upper station of the lift.

Installation of vertical platform lift requires special construction operations.

Vertical platform lift is easy to install, convenient and reliable in operation.






Load-carrying capacity, kg  250 ± 5
Lifting height, m max. 2
Travel speed, m/s max. 0,15
Power consumption, kW max. 2,0
Power supply, V/phase/Hz  220 /1/ 50
Operating temperature range, deg  -10... +35
Dimensions of load-carrying platform ZxB, mm  900х1250
Dimensions ZxBхН, mm  1250х1350х2020