Steam Sterilizer GK-100

Sterilizator GK 100

Sterilizer ГК-100 is designed for pressure steam sterilization of medical products made of metals, glass, rubber, textile products, ligature sutural material, etc. In the process of sterilization, steam exposure does not affect their functional properties.


Operating modes:


Steam-and-water system control is carried out:

  • GK-100 - semi-automatically by using buttons and solenoid valves;
  • GK-100-02 - by using manual ball valves.




External panels, sterilization chamber, thermal protective door casing, tubes are made of high-alloy stainless steel and provide corrosion resistance of the sterilizer to steam saturated environments of organic and inorganic acids, including chlorine-containing ones, as well as intergranular corrosion resistance.







Sterilization modes:


1st mode (t°С - MPa - m)  121 (+1) - 0,11 (+0,02) - 20 (+2)
2nd mode (t°С - MPa - m)  126 (±1) - 0,14 (±0,02) - 10 (+1)
3rd mode (t°С - MPa - m)  134 (±2) - 0,20 (±0,02) - 5 (+1)


Basic specifications


Specifications GK-100 GK-100-02
Volume of sterilization chamber, not less than, l 100 100
Internal diameter of sterilization chamber, mm 400 400
Depth of sterilization chamber, mm 830 830
Overall dimensions of sterilizer НхDхL, mm 1275х600х1460 1275х630х1460
Power supply voltage, V/Hz 380/50 380/50
Power consumption, kW, not more than 12,5 12,5
Warm-up time, s, not more than 35 35
Electric heaters are divided into two groups in order to provide elimination of temperature rising inertia, more accurate temperature adjustment in the specified range of values, power consumption reduction +
Automatic pumping of water into the steam generator with the built-in storage tank, without stopping the sterilization mode +
Control of current pressure and temperature in the steam generator and sterilization chamber + +
System of air supply to the chamber through bacteria-excluding filter (holding capacity of 0.3 μm) + +
Steam cooling system, while dumping it into drain + +
Availability of protection against unpermitted door opening + +
Vacuum drying of sterilized products + +
Mean time between failures, not less than 3000 cycles + +
Average service life – not less than 10 years + +
Manufacturer's warranty period is 12 months + +