Steam sterilizer VK-75

Sterilizer ВК-75 is designed for pressure steam sterilization of medical products made of metals (surgical instruments), glass (laboratory glassware), rubber (surgical gloves), textile products (surgical wear, bandage cloth) and ligature sutural material using vacuum drying. In the process of sterilization, steam exposure does not affect their functional properties.

Sterilizer ВК-75 can be used for sterilization of the solutions filled in glass bottles in accordance with GOST 10782, with a max. rated volume of 450 cm3, without vacuum drying.


VK 75





Effective volume, not less than, dm3   75
Operating pressure, MPa  0,20±0,02
Operating temperature, °С  134±2
Filling liquid volume, dm3   18±1
Power consumption, kW, not more than  8,5
Water consumption per one sterilization cycle, not more than, dm3:

filled in steam generator





Overall dimensions LхBхH, mm  870х670х1255
Weight, not more than, kg  200





External panels, sterilization chamber, thermal protective door casing, tubes are made of high-alloy stainless steel and provide corrosion resistance of the sterilizer to steam saturated environments of organic and inorganic acids, including chlorine-containing ones, as well as intergranular corrosion resistance.


Sterilization modes:


1st mode (t°С - MPa - m) 121 (+1) - 0,11 (+0,02) - 20 (+2)
2nd mode (t°С - MPa - m) 126 (±1) - 0,14 (±0,02) - 10 (+1)
3rd mode (tоС - MPa - m) 134 (±2) - 0,20 (±0,02) - 5 (+1)