Children's rehabilitation chair MODEL 360



The design of rehabilitation chair allows children aged between 9 months and 1.3 year old with developmental disorder to maintain and develop their activity, move to a new level of independence and lead a normal children's life.

The chair is designed to meet the needs of special children: moving indoors, feeding, training and playing. The armchair has all conditions for: holding (supporting) the head upright, fixing the trunk, improving the arms functioning, optimizing posture and pelvis position, moving the hips. A wide range of auxiliary options is provided basing on individual parameters of the child and pathological changes compensation.

When using the chair, observe the safety requirements specified in operating manual.

The use of the chair for treatment and rehabilitation purposes and all adjustments are carried out according to the doctor's prescription!



Technical parameters


Overall length, mm  690
Overall width, mm  510
Overall height, mm  1050
Seat depth, mm  215
Seat width, mm  300
Back rest height, mm  455
Back rest width, mm  300
Maximum weight of child, kg  12
Total weight of chair, kg, not more than  12,5