Verticalizer MODEL 390




The verticalizer (standing frame) is designed for children with movement disorders, including cerebral palsy, up to 135 cm in height, with a maximum weight of 50 kg.

It allows children with a paresis of the lower limbs and trunk muscles to take an upright position and provides them with a safe body position while standing, playing and studying independently (or under supervision).
In addition to rehabilitation, the use of a verticalizer facilitates treatment and serves to prevent many concomitant diseases (cardiovascular system, improvement of lungs ventilation and prevention of their inflammation, prevention and treatment of vascular stasis, osteoporosis, etc.).

Due to the use of pneumatics, the adjustment of verticalizer allows you to move the child smoothly from a horizontal position to a front or rear verticalization position.

The product is equipped with a system of pads and belts, securely fixing the child`s body, as well as a multi-purpose height-adjustable headrest.

A wide range of auxiliary options is provided basing on individual parameters of the child

Standing frame is made of environmentally friendly materials and certified by the Certification Center of Rehabilitation Equipment and Services in Kharkov city.

You can buy the  product by contacting the  regional  Labor and  Social Protection  Department at the place of your  residence or buy it directly at the PJSC “ Yavir ”.



Technical parameters


Overall length, mm  800
Overall width, mm  600
Overall height, mm  1 000
Thigh width (А), mm  150 – 280
Chest width (В), mm  150 – 280
Shin length (С), mm  140 – 550
Height from foot to underarm (D), mm:

front verticalization

rear verticalization


490 – 970

540 – 970

Distance from ribs level to underarm (Е), mm  160 – 300
Distance between knees (К), mm  150 – 230
Weight of User, kg  50
Weight of completely equipped verticalizer, kg  25