Euro windows



We use glued three-layer timber (78x86) from softwood for production of euro windows, and for the discerning buyer – we use timbers from hardwood and finewood. It is possible to combine the materials. Parts made of conditioned radial sawn pinewood are glued along the length and cross-section into a timber with waterproof adhesive (class D4). The timber has no internal stresses, ensures the stability of window dimensions and extended operating lifetime. The window made of glued laminated wood is reliable and durable. This is a single block of glass, special aluminum profiles and sealant. Single-glazed window unit 4 + 16 + 4 consists of double glass of 4 mm thick and aluminum section of 16 mm width. Double-glazed window unit 4 + 10 + 4 + 10 + 4 consists of triple glass of 4 mm thick and two aluminum sections of 10 mm width. All characteristics of double-glazed windows can be improved by using K-glass. It is possible to use various glass types. Multifunctional fittings “ROTO FRANK” ensure production effectiveness and easy installation and operation. Profile window system and two gaskets around the perimeter of the opening frame provide excellent tightness, ventilation with automatic moisture removal, protection against ingress of outside air and external noise. Surface finishing includes impregnation and painting with certified water-soluble acrylates “Rhenocoll”, “Teknos”, which create a durable coating that is absolutely harmless to health.




Мал. 1.1


Window type    Width х height, mm 
vikno1   800 х 1500
vikno2   800 х 1500
vikno3   1500 х 1500
vikno4   1500 х 1500
vikno5   2100 х 1500
vikno6   2100 х 1500
vikno7    700 х 2100
  1. frame and sash of glued laminated wood;
  2. glazed unit;
  3. silicone insulation;
  4. double sealing gasket;
  5. aluminum cast profile.

The window can be divided into the following components (ref. Fig. 1-1):

  • woodwork;
  • glazed unit;
  • sealing gaskets;
  • fittings.


Our Company offers a windowsill made of solid pine and oak, as component materials for window structures.

Windowsills made of eco-friendly glued laminated pine and oak wood. Due to this structure, the sill is wear-resistant to environmental humidity changes.

Windowsills can be painted with water-dispersible paints or varnished with polyurethane.