Solid wood doors



Our company manufactures and installs wooden doors of all sizes, styles, colors and textures. We use oak, alder and pinewood for doors manufacture, and pay special attention to modern design and quality of our products.

The use of modern technologies gives us unlimited possibilities in the production of interior doors fully complying with European Quality Standards. A wide range of solid wood interior doors is distinguished by their exclusive design and unusual decorative and finishing elements.

Solid wood is a material, which entirely consists of natural wood. The doors can be made of a solid piece of wood in the classic version, or by using more modern and cheaper technology – from glued solid wood. In the latter case, the use of solid wooden parts brings its own differences to the operational properties.

Such type of doors is sensitive to changes in room humidity; therefore, when installing the door panels, special grooves are left to compensate the expansion or contraction of temperature and humidity. The solid wood door gets the final color only after varnishing. Such surface color variations give the doors a special "zest" and highlight that there are doors made of solid natural wood in front of you.