Store equipment

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Our company produces store equipment from solid wood and laminated particle boards (KRONO concern) with a wide range of coating colors. We also use combinations with glass, aluminum and other metals in the production of store equipment. Furniture end face is decorated with ABS edges ("REHAU" company) to increase wear-resisting properties. Hinges, shelf bearers and other fittings of the "HAFELE" company production are distinguished by reliability.

Having extensive experience in creating individual orders we can offer the following types of equipment made of laminated particle boards:

  • showcases, shop counter, catering cabinet and sideboard table;
  • tables and supports;
  • combined equipment made of various materials;
  • domestic furniture;
  • built-in components (cases, elements of decoration).

Our modern store equipment for shops and supermarkets of clothing, footwear and industrial goods is designed with respect to infrastructure development of the store. Many additional functional elements will help you to demonstrate different goods.

Special decorative elements will help you to improve the appearance of store equipment, emphasize your taste and individuality, and create areas of interest for buyers in the supermarket.

The Company's capabilities allow us to fulfill non-standard orders in time. Qualified specialists will help you to choose the most suitable equipment that meets the specifications of your product, calculate its cost and answer all questions.



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