Anti-tank laser-guided missiles



Anti-tank laser guided missiles are designed for effective tank gunnery against stationary or mobile armoured vechicles including with explosive reactive armour (ERA), as well as against small-size or light-armoured targets like pillbox, reinforced pillbox, trenched tanks, hovering helicopters and similar targets.

It is possible to produce training rounds «KOMBAT-621UT» intended for T-72 tank crew training related to the on-site handling and work with the item: loading to and withdrawal from the ammo rack as well as connection and detachment of head and tail sections of the missiles.







Missile designation and caliber 125 mm «Коmbаt» 120 mm 100 mm

Tanks: T-80UD, Т-84, T-72AG, Т-72В, Т-72С, T-84BM «Oplot», T-64BM «Bulat»

Tanks with 120 mm guns Tank Т-55МВ, Gun МТ-12
Types of targets Tanks, trenched tanks, AV, APC, HIV, ICV, protected pillboxes, hovering helicopters and alike
Max firing range in a controlled flight, km 5 5 4
Flight time to max range, s, max 17,6  16,3  14
Warhead Shaped-charge, tandem
Guidance Semi-automatic, laser beam guided
Weight, kg  30  27 24,5 
Destruction of ERA-protected targets is assured
Guidance unit sight 1G46, 1K13  1K13
Specified service life, years 10