Drag parachute locks




Drag parachute container shackle ZKTP.4900-0-(01) it is mounted on the SU series aircraft and is designed to keep drag parachute container doors closed in-flight and to unlock them when employing parachute in landing.





Drag parachute locks ZTP-D-1, ZTP-D-2 are mounted on the Su series aircraft and designed to secure and release aircraft drag parachute after its landing and speed reducing.







  ZКТP-4900-0-(01) ZТP-D-1 ZТP-D-2
Operating supply voltage, V  27  27  27
Current, A, max  3  6  6
Maximum operating load, N  6 860  294 180  170 694
Overall dimensions, mm  90x46x120   51,5х244х179​
Weight, kg, max  0,9  5,0   4,5