Multi-purpose gurt system and modernized multi-purpose gurt-m system

Automatic test equipment is designed for on-site preparation and maintenance of all airborne guided weapons (missiles and bombs) in operator's field areas or stationary bases.

Composition of the system:

  1. The multi-purpose and special AKPAs (the means of the parameters automatic control and missile status evaluation) include microcomputer, rugged laptop, set of general-purpose converters and generators, switching units for stimulus and testing signals, supply voltage converters, special purpose devices and power sources, random access memory (ZUPV049) to store the items testing and the system built-in testing software.
  2. Maintenance facilities designed for pre- and post- operational handling of missiles in air-launched weapon test facilities areas, embrace general and special purpose equipment.
  3. Structurally, GURT system allows for easy delivery of either separate AKPAs' component parts or the set of AKPA testers chosen by the Customer to test various types of missiles and bombs.

GURT system is capable:

  • to test more than 40 types of missiles, bombs and their modifications;
  • to operate in poor environment conditions;
  • to be computable with IBM computers;
  • to provide self-diagnostics and fault reporting down to a functional or structural unit or assembly;
  • to operate independently with self-contained gas and power supply;
  • to be easily transportable.

Modernized multi-purpose GURT-M system ensures additionally:

  • control and preparation to application of more than 50 different aviation missiles modifications and smart bombs;
  • trouble shooting during the missile repair;
  • technical state forecasting of missiles during the service life extension;
  • long-term storage of missiles testing results throughout the operating lifetime;
  • diagnostic suite (DS) is included as a component of some special-purpose АКРА, that allows to isolate a fault in the missiles for their overhaul. The missiles marked with red can be tested with DS designed specially for them .


General-purpose equipment



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Special-purpose equipment



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Maintenance facilities


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