Ccoating process

Electroplating coating


Electroplating coating is an automatic complex of three-layered coating (nickel, semi-lustrous nickel, lustrous chrome), which allows to obtain protective decorative coatings on steel and copper parts with a productivity of 15 m2 / h.

The complex provides recovery of degreasing and chrome-plating solutions, continuous solvent refining of nickel-plating solutions, efficient use of rinsing water and materials. Environmentally friendly production.

Recovery system for silver/gold-plating solution and rinsing water.galvan pokrit

The following types of coatings are performed:

  • alkaline zinc plating with gloss-forming additives from Atotech Deutshland GmbH (Germany);
  • cadmium sulphate plating with gloss-forming additive;
  • hard chrome plating;
  • nickel-electroplating;
  • electroless nickel plating;
  • copper-plating;
  • tinning;
  • tin-bismuth alloy coating;
  • anodizing of aluminum alloys;
  • chemical oxidation of aluminum alloys;
  • phosphate coating;
  • oxide phosphate coating;
  • electropolishing of stainless steel;
  • chemical passivation of stainless steel;
  • removal of alpha-case layer from titanium alloy parts;
  • chemical passivation of copper alloys;
  • silver-plating.