Electrical installation

Assembling processes


Electrical installation operations:

  • Production of harnesses, electrical parameters check, sealing of connectors;
  • Assembling and soldering of circuit boards;
  • Production of electronic assemblies by the use of modern soldering stations PACE (USA) with microprocessor-controlled heating temperature, providing maximum safety during electronic components soldering process;
  • Production of radio-electronic units, adjustment and check of electrical parameters on test equipment;

 Assembly operations:

  • Windings of armature, stators, coils, toroidal cores;
  • Production of electric motors up to 1500 W;
  • Production of contactors;
  • Assembly of products, setting and control of product parameters.

Coating process line based on polymer powder paints provides:

  • coatings with high protective and decorative electrical insulating, physical and chemical properties;
  • painting of long products and parts of any configuration made of steel and aluminum.