Production of parts from plastic and elastomeric materials


Injection molding of thermoplastic materials such as polyethylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, ABS plastic, polypropylene, etc. with the use of the following injection molding machines:

  • KuASY – with injection volume from 31 to 407 cm3;
  • KLOCKNER – with injection volume 1760 cm3;
  • SP – with injection volume from 130 to 1230 cm3;
  • MST –- with injection volume 3100 cm3.

Robotic system "KLOCKNER" Ferromatik Desma, consisting of injection molding machines W-650 and W-800, is equipped with modern electronics for control of molding process parameters based on a microcomputer and a microprocessor.

Due to the use of thermostats WCC-45, robotic manipulator “Remak” and drying installation “Somos”, the entire production cycle is fully automated and mechanized from the process of raw materials feeding to extracting and stacking of parts:

  • rolling of a rubber compound on roll mills;
  • pressing of thermosetting plastics and vulcanization of rubber on hydraulic presses of the RNM-63, D 2430B, RNM-100-types from DSV-type molding materials, phenolic plastics, aminoplastics and rubber compounds.