Manufacturing-and-testing facilities


Types of tests according to the State Standard of Accreditation:

  • Testing of special and aviation equipment;
  • Welding equipment and welding consumables;
  • automobile and tractor equipment;
  • medical equipment;
  • electronic (domestic) appliances and corresponding equipment;
  • building materials, products and constructions;
  • Manual electromechanical machines, portable machines, tools with insulated handles;
  • metalworking and woodworking equipment;
  • electrical machinery;
  • hooks, ropes, slings, climbing irons;
  • farming machinery and equipment;
  • vibration protection devices;
  • RF emission protection devices.

Laboratories and metrological service


The company has the central laboratory and metrological service, which includes 12 certified and licensed laboratories.

List of works performed:

  • analysis of parts destruction reasons;
  • X-ray inspection of parts and assembly units;
  • metallographic test of materials;
  • evaluation of quality of heat treatment and chemical-thermal treatment;
  • chemical and spectral analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous materials;
  • analysis of hydrogen content in titanium alloys;
  • mechanical tests;
  • analysis of waste water and air emissions;
  • verification and calibration of measuring instruments;
  • maintenance of control and testing equipment;
  • metrological evaluation of technical specifications, design and technological documentation;
  • metrological certification of measuring equipment;
  • certification of test equipment.