Welding production


  • oxy-hydrogen welding;svarka3
  • non-consumable electrode argon-arc welding of structural and stainless steels, titanium and aluminum alloys;
  • Consumable electrode welding of structural low-carbon steels in carbon dioxide environment;
  • Soldering of heat-resistant structural steels in rotary vacuum furnace, using HMP solders, with gettering (chromium powder);
  • Oxygen-acetylene soldering of high-pressure pipelines, using high-temperature solders;
  • Copper soldering of low-carbon and structural steels in inert atmosphere, providing the presence of oxidation-reduction cells;
  • Pulsed argon-arc welding of thin-sheet constructions made of titanium and aluminum alloys;
  • Plasma-arc cutting of thin-sheet billets from aluminum, stainless and copper alloys.